My work is also my calling, and it's the most rewarding vocation I've ever had the honor of leading.  When my clients take the time to write a testimonial, it is a great gift.  Here are some words from a number of satisfied clients.

Daniel is one of those rare individuals who is truly an empathic listener. His genius is not in providing techniques, saying do this or don't do that, but in helping you discover yourself. The guidance and action resulting from that are clear and deep. His passion for his work shows through each time I meet with him and this emotion translates into powerful results for me.

Krishna Srinivasan, Vice President at Manthan Systems

Daniel tunes right in to what needs to be tackled and is such an astute observer. He uses that insight to ask powerful, probing questions and help get to the core of the issue, offering clear, actionable steps. I love that he draws on his own experiences in his life to make it real, and that he is adaptable and uses whichever approach or tool is appropriate to the situation. I could see from day one that Dan is really passionate about what he does and he is truly, personally invested in my success. His approach is unique and powerful, and helps me constantly improve myself.

 Ryan Day, VP Business Development at GitHub

Daniel was able to re-frame my experiences and accomplishments to bring out my true leadership style in ways that had not occurred to me. With his help, I was able to go into interview conversations with a lot more confidence and the results were immediate and powerful. I got multiple offers for highly desirable leadership roles, leaving me with a different problem, one I was happy to have. Thanks Dan!

Tushar Shanbhag, Product Management Executive

As a coach, recently working at the Executive Coaching Institute, UC Berkeley, I had the privilege of observing Daniel in several coaching capacities. He is unquestionably a mature, conscientious and highly industrious professional. I have watched him quickly earn his client's trust and use his innate ability to cut to the chase of the challenge. Daniel has developed superb coaching skills and is highly recommended to you and your team/company as an Executive Coach.

Winston Copeland, President of WWC Consulting and retired US Navy Rear Admiral

I had the honor of attending the UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute training with Dan as a classmate. He also coached me during the process. Daniel's unique ability to calm me down and allow me to focus on core issues was frankly, astounding. His calm demeanor and empathy are just two of his skills. I highly recommend Daniel to others including those who may be reticent to engage with an executive coach...within moments they will feel at home and unburdened to talk about what's on their mind. And in doing so, begin a journey to help themselves through his guidance.

Ron Benza, Partner at Benza Executive Development

From the very beginning of the EMC Leadership Forum's recent Inspirational Leadership workshop, Daniel created a safe and open environment in which participants could share, reflect, and engage. Rarely have I seen a group so quickly warm to discussion. Daniel ably managed individual feedback within the dynamics of a large group to foster a spirit of possibility and shared vision that modeled the key skills required for inspirational leadership. He communicated a realistic model of leadership, and through the use of well-constructed interactive exercises, helped each participant identify which of their own leadership capabiities could be further strengthened. I learned new questions to ask myself when addressing management issues and had one of those proverbial “aha” moments that encouraged me to take the next step in fine-tuning my own leadership voice and personal vision for the future.

Arlene Boyd, Sr. Marketing Manager

I met Daniel through Business School at UC Berkeley, Haas school of business. Dan has supported me as a friend and as an executive coach through the past several years. Dan is detailed oriented, inspirational and does an excellent job getting to the root cause of challenges to help his customers succeed in their professional and personal goals. Dan is passionate about what he does and is hard working and sincere. Dan would be a great complementary force and a wonderful addition to teams trying to achieve their potential as well as individuals who are trying to achieve their professional goals.

Sonal Sinha, Risk Management and Compliance Leader

I have known Daniel for a number of years from the time when we were software engineers through his current role as an executive coach. Daniel is very astute listener and provides incredible clarity and context to our conversations. He asks very probing questions and provides thoughtful insight on almost any topic we are discussing from organizational strategies to job transitions and entrepreneurial opportunities. I strongly recommend Daniel to help you work through important decisions, create an actionable plan for execution and then track to the plan and work through any barriers to success.

Bill Scanlin, IT Executive

Daniel is a coach who has impressed me incredibly. I am fascinated by his presence, his clarity and his exceptional ability to put things in a nutshell with the right timing. Daniel can move people and motivate them to bring the best out of themselves. In doing so, he does not put anyone under pressure, but provides the necessary support with his love. He is a reliable companion on the right path. I can only advise anyone, who wants to take the next step, to entrust herself/himself to Daniel.

Stefan Lammers, Owner Stefan Lammers Business Building

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