Daniel speaks regularly as an expert in leadership, culture change and storytelling.  His presentation style is very insightful, highly engaging, interactive and warm. Daniel often shares engaging stories from his motorcycle road-racing career to illustrate key points for leaders and teams. 

Feel free to view Daniel's 3 minute speaker reel, and see below for more details on Daniel’s keynote speaking.

Here’s a 6 minute video of Daniel telling a personal leadership story from his motorcycle racing days.

Daniel’s talks include topics such as:

  • Leadership Lessons From The Racetrack
  • Unshakeable Influence: Mastering the Inner Game of Leadership
  • The Leadership Crisis of the Digital Age, and What You Can Do About It
  • Agile: A Culture Change Initiative in Disguise
  • Cultivating and Maximizing Your Executive Presence
  • Storytelling for Maximum Influence
  • Storytelling for Product Managers
  • Storytelling for Entrepreneurs
  • Silicon Valley: The Unique History, Culture and Leadership Styles That Make it a Continuing Hot-Bed for Innovation

In addition to the video testimonials in Daniel’s speaker reel, here are some of Daniel’s written testimonials:

“Daniel presented a very engaging session on Story Telling at Credit Union Analytics Summit to data leaders from more than 50 credit unions. His session was one of the best received at the summit. Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with us. I hope that you will want to be involved in our conference next time.

- Naveen Jain, Data Analytics Executive

“In a warm and engaging way, Daniel challenges us to take risks and encourages us to disrupt the old patterns of leadership and team performance that no longer serve our organizations. He is passionate about this work and is a breath of fresh air in the leadership development arena.”

 – Jennifer Hanlon, Leadership and Executive Coach

Daniel painted a picture of the challenge many organizations face and the people problems at the core, then he highlighted tangible traits of great leaders in today’s digital age. I hope more companies recognize the issue and provide support for and empower their talent – and I also hope more people are inspired by his suggestions for how you can step up and be a leader in today’s digital world.”

– Karen Budell, Director Content Marketing

“[Daniel’s] leadership classification was different and resonated well as it was not binary…forcing you to self-examine and evaluate where you are in this evolution. He brought self-awareness which makes one not to give up frustrated on his/her short comings, but instead get encouraged. His talk was a great reminder that organizations should not only task their leaders with responsibilities that often puts them under stress, but should also offer support to grow the leadership, to seek clarity in order to make the right decision for their business in these competitive, fast changing times.”

– Anna Pasupathy, Product Manager

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