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Daniel Kimble

Professional Expertise

Daniel is a seasoned coach and 20+ year veteran of the Silicon Valley high-tech industry.  Daniel partners with executives in mid to large size companies to accelerate their ability to lead in an inspiring way, always with a results-oriented and compassionate approach. 

As a leadership coach, Daniel is especially skilled at partnering with successful executives who are

  • Moving into a major new role, often with critical bottom-line implications for the organization
  • Great technical producers looking to become great leaders
  • High potential and being groomed/considered for the next level of leadership responsibility
  • Consistently engaged in high-stakes leadership and decision-making
  • Looking to take their leadership game to a whole new level

As a coach, Daniel brings warm confidence, deep wisdom, and a keen insight into how to lead.  Daniel’s depth and breadth of industry experience, combined with a natural gift for seeing what makes people tick enable him to quickly cut-to-the-heart of leadership challenges in a hands-on and highly compassionate way that rapidly moves leaders into performing at their very best every day.

In his coaching practice, Daniel draws heavily from his experience as a motorcycle road-race winner, racetrack driving coach, improvisation performer, storyteller and singer.  Excelling in high-stakes scenarios is one of Daniel’s biggest strengths. Through a calm, grounding and insightful presence that really opens people up to things they didn’t know they had within them, Daniel is able to teach executives how to be even more present and consistently excel in high stakes leadership and decision-making. 

Pulling from his business leadership, theater, and storytelling experience, Daniel not only helps executives break through individually, but also learn how to quickly engage and connect with audiences to inspire and enroll them.

Clients frequently cite Daniel’s decades of operational experience, fluency in strategy/operations/finance, and his results-oriented, empathic, and heart-centered approach as key reasons why he is so often entrusted as an executive confidante, coach and advisor.


Recent Coaching Engagements 

  • CEO of a mid-size software company to grow more leadership skills around authenticity, communication, and organically growing employee engagement levels.
  • VP of a large-size Fortune 500 software company to quickly ramp up and hit the ground running in a new, big impact role.
  • VP of a clean-tech company to take his leadership performance to a new level with increased calm under pressure, thinking on his feet, and communication.
  • VP of IT in a Fortune 500 financial services firm to grow his leadership skills during a transition to a new role during a time of company-wide restructuring.
  • Product Executive at a mid-size software company who was being groomed for the next level of leadership as the head of products.
  • VP at a large-sized pharma company to increase calm under pressure, improve high stakes decision making, and successfully transition into a new high pressure role.
  • VP of a medium-sized software company to successfully transition into being an entrepreneur and co-founding his own venture.
  • Sales Director of a large size software company to improve influence through increased presence, thinking on her feet, and really thriving and excelling in a high pressure sales role.
  • Leadership team of an IT outsourcing company to address issues of trust, communication and collaboration during a time of restructuring.


Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Executive M.B.A. from both Columbia Business School and UC Berkeley
  • Executive Coaching Certificate from UC Berkeley
  • Teacher of Executive Coaching at UC Berkeley’s Executive Coaching Institute
  • Active member of the ForbesTM Coaches Council
  • Graduate of The Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC Santa Cruz
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified Practitioner
  • Kolbe Conative Assessment Certified Practitioner
  • Racetrack driving coach, Hooked On Driving
  • 3x motorcycle road-race winner, American Federation of Motorcyclists
  • Award-winning film director
  • Improvisation and theater performer
  • Singer and musician
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